Quick Connect Coupler

60.00 €


Quick Connect coupler with click-system for 2 sabers

Quick connect coupler

This two piece coupleris threaded on the saber instead of a regular pommel.
By doing so, you can quickly combine two sabers into a single staff design, without free-spinning sabers. The coupler is rated for show-combat.

This coupler fits both my own designs (custom and series) as well as most Saberforge sabers.

it does not fit on:
- MHS sabers
- Sabers from Korbanth, Ultrasabers, and other companies
- Saberforge sabers with a sunken pommel, meaning when the threads in the saber are located further inwards and there is a lip between threads and saber end.
When in doubt, please contact me.

An O-Ring spacer might be needed, depending on the saber