Mystery Commission

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A surprise saber, to you specifications!


A surprise saber.

You decide on the fundamentals, like electronics package, main colors of the hilt, Style, Extras such as leather wrap and so on. The rest is up to me.

Upon purchase, please answer the following questions:
(you will also get these by mail after purchase)

- Electronics: regular RGB LED or Neopixel?
- Style? Jedi, Sith or Neutral?
- Plain or adorned?
- Main color of the hilt? Silver, gold, copper, black, anthrazite, steel
- Secondary color (only if silver is main color)? Black, Copper, Gold, Anthrazite, Steel
- Leather wrap? Yes, No
- Additional wishes? (such as slanted emitter, Screws, rubber o-rings, ...)

The only thing you will have to order additionally is a blade (Neopixel or regular) and a charger.

The electronics, that will be cuilt into this saber, are:
Golden Harvest v3 soundboard with smooth swing, 18650 Lithium Ion Battery with recharge port and killkey, 2W speaker, 1 or 2 switches, 3d-printed chassis

This is a commission and the saber will be a custom piece, as per customers choice.

The options you decide on will help me decide on a final design for the saber. These are in no way binding for me final design is up to me. Please also see the policies regarding commissions on my website.