"Nomis" saber

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A saber for the knight


Made from my own saberparts

This custom hilt features everything you need in a saber.
It is made of high-quality aluminum, very durable, and can come with both light and sound effects.
The hilt parts are re-machined and partly anodized black. The saber has been slightly weathered.

Install for example with:

LED color of your choice or Neopixel Connector
Soundboard of your choice.
3w speaker
12mm AV switch
rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Recharge port with killkey

This saber is one of a kind.
I will, for no further charge, customize this for the buyer, including leather, weathering, coloring.
I ship from Germany to nearly anywhere, contact me for further details or any questions regarding my work.

This hilt is offered here as an empty hilt, however, I do of course offer this fully installed with any electronics package you choose, from a simple stunt setup without sound up to a high-end soundboard with RGB LED. Simply add the desired electronics package to your basket along with the saber.

These will be priority-installed within just a couple of days!

If you want a still different electronics package or have any other special wish, simply contact me.

Blade and charger are not included, any 1" blade will fit. These are available in my "Accessories" listing.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.