"Lacrisant" saber with Neopixel Golden Harvest

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A saber for the Force User


Made from my own saberparts.

This custom hilt features everything you need in a saber.
It is made of high-quality aluminum, very durable, and can come with both light and sound effects.
The hilt parts are re-machined.

Installed with:

Illuminated Neopixel Connector
Golden Harvest v3 Soundboard with 26 soundfonts, Smooth Swing, Blade effects, Color-change
28mm speaker
12mm AV switch
rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Recharge port with killkey

This saber is one of a kind.
I will, for no further charge, customize this for the buyer, including leather, weathering, coloring.
I ship from Germany to nearly anywhere, contact me for further details or any questions regarding my work.

Neopixel-Blade and charger are not included, any 1" blade will fit. These are available in my "Accessories" listing.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.