Custom Korbanth Hero saber with Neopixel

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Korbanth Hero with Neopixel

The hilt comes from Korbanth, with my electronics and my customization.

This custom hilt features everything you need in a saber.
It is made of high-quality aluminum, very durable, and comes with both light and sound effects.
B-grade with mild blemishes. D-Ring not attached, will be supplied as well as another pommel.

Neopixel Setup, RGB with TCSS quick connect (blade available separately)
Golden Harvest v3 soundboard with 21 soundfonts
3w bass speaker
1x tactile switch on the side
rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Recharge port with killkey

This saber is one of a kind, making it was the work of many hours.

I ship from Germany to nearly anywhere, contact me for further details or any questions regarding my work.

Neopixel Blade, Neopixel Blade Plug and charger are not included. These are available in my "Accessories" listing.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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