Custom Eradicator (12) saber

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This is a custom Eradicator. The saber is a complete one-of-a-kind item.

It can be ordered in different tiers/electronics packages. Further info on the Eradicator can be found on my website.

RGB LED or Tri Cree or Neopixel
Golden Harvest v3 soundboard with 12 soundfonts and 12 colors pre-installed (infinite number possible), smooth swing
2w bass speaker
illuminated 12mm AV switch
rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Recharge port with killkey or removable battery setup

This saber is one of a kind.
I will, for no further charge, customize this for the buyer, including a different color LED, leather, weathering, coloring.
I ship from Germany to nearly anywhere, contact me for further details or any questions regarding my work.

This hilt comes in different tiers from which you can choose:

- Tier 1: Empty hilt, no electronics, for DIY.

- Tier 2: Light only, with LED, switch, and battery setup.

- Tier 3: Light and Sound setup, WITHOUT the soundboard. This means if you have your own Golden Harvest, you can use it in this saber. The saber won't work without the soundboard, but the complete electronics are in there (LED, switch, speaker, battery, wiring), and once you add your own Nano Biscotti, you have the whole package.

- Tier 4: Light and Sound setup, with the soundboard and everything else. The complete package!


Blade and charger are not included, any 1" blade will fit. These are available in my "Accessories" listing.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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